Yemeni Film Factory – مصنع الأفلام اليمني

  • 69 mins

“Yemeni Film Factory ” displays  12 short documentary films about Yemeni culture and heritage, created by some of Yemen’s most talented directors.

 “مصنع الأفلام اليمني”

يعرض 12 فيلم وثائقي قصير عن التراث والحضارة اليمنية من إنتاج واخراج بعض من صناع الافلام الشباب في اليمن

In this program

Nets – شِباك

Directed by Hussam Abdulhakim

Synopsis: A short documentary about a local figure working in the field of knitting fishing nets. the film…

Sharah Hadrami – شرح حضرمي

Directed by Noor Albity

Synopsis: The film talks about a Hadhramout youth band, the band presents popular dances in Sana’a governorate and…

Jalsat Bukhari – جلسة بخاري

Directed by Saleh Al-mashgri

Synopsis: The film talks about Jalsat Bukhari(steaming tea gathering) in Hadramout is a cultural heritage that is part…

Aqiq – عقيق

Directed by Basheera Alarefi

Synopsis: The film talks about Yemeni Agate is a type of gemstone, which has long occupied Yemen’s most…

Amer’s House – بيت عامر

Directed by Randa AlZiyadi

Synopsis: The films showcase the story of Amer’s mom who has been selling Zlabaya ” Yemeni dishes” in…

Durar – درر

Directed by Lamia M Fadel

Synopsis: The film showcases Coffee’s association with Yemeni culture, as part of the historical heritage in a way…

Silver – فضة

Directed by Entesar AL-Duais

Synopsis: After tourists used to visit Yemen to see its ancient civilization and beautiful heritage, it has become…

The Old New – الجديد القديم

Directed by Mayar Ahmed

Synopsis: The struggle of preserving Yemen’s heritage and keeping up with fashion was addressed by one of the…

Muqla Tehami’s – مقلة تهامة

Directed by Hamza Al-dobaie

Synopsis: A short film produced in 2021, A documentary produced by YWT. The film illustrates a deep-rooted popular…

Dream of a String – حلم وتر

Directed by Ezat Shdadd

Synopsis: Yemen and its artists are enduring difficult times. Lengthy wars destroyed and negatively affected every aspect. In…

Adani Incense – بخور عدني

Directed by Ahmad Al-Jabiry

Synopsis: Adani incense is a traditional Yemeni heritage that is cherished by all. It is transformed from one…

Mawaz – معوز

Directed by Jamal AlZawqary

Synopsis: From the first glance your eyes are captured with the traditional costume of the Yemeni man; attracted…